Red to Green Day $24 Options Trading AMD SPY QQQ options


Trade Recap


Let’s look at the trades I took on October 14th, 2022, which required more trades than normal. I updated my video after taking a late Power Hour trade that put me in the green for the day. I took trades on the SPY, the Qs, and two trades on AMD, which helped put me in the green.

Looking at the charts, the market had an insane day the day before, shooting up two or three percent with a 1300 point swing from low to high. Today, the futures opened positive but started to trend lower after the open.

My first trade was on the SPY, where I looked to go short. I got in as it touched the previous day’s close, which was a couple of pennies off. I tried to anticipate the move lower and get it, but right before I made the move, I got rejected and bounced up. I got out at 129, losing 30 bucks on this one trade.

My second trade was on the Qs. I was looking for that push lower after missing the entry on the Spy and watching it flush. I bought the 264 put, just one contract, and got a pretty quick move. I held it for just a few minutes before getting out.

I feel disappointed about losing 30 bucks on the first trade and watching it push down and possibly make 100 bucks. I also mention trying to keep my emotional composure after missing the entry on the SPY and watching it flush. Overall, my trades on this day put me in the green for the day.


Were these the best trades?

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